Dear Friends,

Welcome to the Noon Bagla website.

This initiative is born out of tragedy, the devastated people of the October 2005 earthquake have been joined by those supporting their recovery and helping their regeneration programme. Although from very differing backgrounds there are no geographical divisions, nobody is judged by cast or creed, by colour or ethnicity, by social standing or economic value. But there is one common ingredient that binds our efforts, humanity, the unconditional love of fellow human beings. 


Every major religion teaches us the value of love, peace, friendship, care, respect and the welfare of society. Therefore, we cannot regard ourselves as good Muslims, Christians, Jews, Hindus or any other religion if we are not first and foremost good human beings.

Noon Bagla is a community of innocent and simple people. They have little material wealth, they don’t have the basic facilities of the modern world but nonetheless they are generally content knowing that whatever befalls them is God's will. We want to raise their living standards by providing the health facilities lacking in this isolated area, by improving education standards, by upgrading transport links, by raising skill levels and by developing the ailing economy. We want to develop this community as a model for others whilst maintaining its culture, its integrity and its social structure.


We are grateful to our British friends who have supported, guided and inspired us. Special thanks to my friend Geoff Needham, the founder and Director of the Kashmir Earthquake Community Fund, now known as the Kashmir Community Fund, who is always there to help, guide and advise us. He is the mind behind our plans and initiatives.

We are especially thankful to Mr. Nadeem Shah, Chairman, AHS Foundation and Mrs. Maureen Shah for their personal involvement in the development and construction of the much-needed Health Centre. We are proud to mention Mr Martin Sedgley, Mrs. Kathie Sedgley, Ms Eileen Myles, Mr Ray Elderton and many other friends who are working on our behalf. Indeed it is their moral as well as material support that is changing the fate of this less privileged community.

The people of Noon Bagla would also like to thank the AAPKI Foundation (Sweden) for their considerable and continuing help and support, particularly to the children and orphans.

Waheed Gilani
KCF Co-Ordinator, Kashmir

(Waheed Gilani lives with his family in Noon Bagla. He lost his father in the tragedy).